"Training in homely environment with home appliances "

One among the strategies to provide services to Mentally Retarded children is Home Based Training Program. Home is first institution of learning. Realizing has wonderfully parents themselves assume the role of Teachers to train up their children in a natural setting. To its credit, VLCT & RC has efficient staff been involved in thick and thin of the Rehabilitation of MR Children mostly from Nellore Districts. ...


"Learn to earn"

As we all know that the root cause for many ailments is just nothing but a mosquito bite. In order to protect from these mosquitoes, we often find using many repellents that contain Allethrine etc, which cause harm to the environment. For total eradication of mosquito, the Trust found 'GAMBUSIA' a kind of fish which dilutes the larvae itself. Mosquito Eradication Program is a continuous program the trust started culturing the same in its owned ponds. The trust has done more than 25 camps throughout the Nellore district mainly urban slums. ..