Empowering the mentally & physically challenged children through early identification and intervention and providing proper medical, Educational, Vocational, Rehabilitation Care with a touch of compassion and love in a sincere manner VLCT & RC aims at teaching adaptive living skill necessary to decrease dependence of the mentally challenged children by incorporating motor, sensory, communication, social, personal and self help skills into activities of everyday life of the child. Main categories of disability are physical, sensory, psychiatric, neurological, cognitive and intellectual. VLCT & RC programs provide a healthy opportunity and an appropriate environment for the maximum possible independent living and community integration at all levels of retardation...


"Providing a home with care and compassion"

VLCT & RC focused on mentally challenged and disabled children, abandoned by parents and relatives, exploited by the society, and who wants to get rid of the mentally retarded children are admitted into home and provide a secured shelter, vocational training and therapeutic services in a happy and family like environment. The counseling support extended at the home plays a crucial role in regaining their mental balance and attitude at maximum individuality.


"Early identification-for maximum integration"

In Brief Early Intervention means Early Detection, Evaluation & Treatment, by Pediatric Psychiatrist, Psychologist & Physiotherapist and early child hood Interventionist. The Methodology of Treatment is starts from Motor Rehabilitation, Sensory Rehabilitation, Mile Stone development Therapy, Neuro Development therapy, Occupational Therapy, Gait Training, Hand Rehabilitation, Visual Bio feed Back Training and Activities in daily life training and also by & also by adding the Physical, Mobility and Locomotive aids to support their physical systems in order to maintain them to be psychologically strong and sound..


"Training for siblings and family"

To mainstream the disabled, an innovative multi-faced activity called C.B.R was launched by the trust in the selected Mandals of Nellore District. Through this we identify the disabled and encouraging them into the apt institution for the Rehabilitation, basing on their disabilities and the trust facilitate them for availing Government certificates of disability, Bus / Train passes, loans for income generating activities etc. By providing all these help the trust tries to make them reliant..


"Therapy for better treatment"

VLCT & RC was committed to provide light to the poor and the needy, rate of eye problems are very high in and around Nellore. Main intension of the camps is to diagnose early vision defects. Hence our Trust have conducted so many eye camps and provided free medical services. These camps were mainly targeted on school children and old age people in the rural areas where in some 1000's of children and old age people were benefitted. Vitamin-A drops were given to small children to prevent blindness


"Envisioning rural areas for better childhood"

AIDS is the recent addition to the catalog of viral diseases. People all over the world realized the on slot of AIDS / HIV on upswing launched several programmes to prevent the spread of HIV. While becoming a part of such a global project VLCT & RC organized rallies throughout the district to alarm the people against HIV / AIDS The trust has adopted 3 children suffering from AIDS promising to give medical aid throughout their lives. Our Trust educates the sex workers about AIDS and how to prevent it...