Transforming lives with touch of humanity, love and compassion and make them self confident with maximum individuality.


Empowering the mentally & physically challenged children through early identification and intervention and providing proper medical, Educational, Vocational, Rehabilitation Care with a touch of compassion and love in a sincere manner.


To provide an environment with Holistic Development where physically and intellectually disable children enjoy equal opportunity and can live with dignity leading to changes in society ultimately facilitate in mainstreaming into the community with maximum individuality.

Located in Nellore District of ANDHRA PRADESH, VLCT & RC focused and dedicated to provide services to children with special needs through “SAMRAKSHNA”. In India, social stigma and poverty drive many families to abandon their mentally and physically challenged children. This is a serious issue and we, VLCT & RC seek to address it through “RAVIVASANTHAM”-the sevagram. A safe haven that would welcome and care for all mentally challenged and spastic children who were deserted by their families we believe that each child is unique and so are his or her needs. The care also, then, has to be personalized. To that end, we assign special educators to various children, based on their condition and abilities, and every month each child’s progress is individually assessed and evaluated with wide range of activities like:

The most important necessities of disabled lives are a safe and secure roof over their heads. VLCT & RC works for the rehabilitation of the mentally and physically challenged children belonging to underprivileged and vulnerable sections of the society living in and around Nellore District. We provide and cater the needs of 100’s of these children in SAMRAKSHANA. Every child is taken care with a touch of humanity love and compassion and journeying with them towards the attainment of their maximum potentiality and individuality such that they can reduce dependency.

We cater all the needs of these children and providing high quality and nutrition food for these mentally and physically challenged is the most important thing to improve the standards and conditions of the children who are identified at an early stage and start treatment for the same. Special care is taken while preparing the food and maintains high quality of nutrition to improve the immunity for better living thereby reducing dependency.

In Brief Early Intervention means Early Detection, Evaluation & Treatment, by Pediatric Psychiatrist, Psychologist & Physiotherapist and early child hood Interventionist. The Methodology of Treatment is starts from Motor Rehabilitation, Sensory Rehabilitation, Mile Stone development Therapy, Neuro Development therapy, Occupational Therapy, Gait Training, Hand Rehabilitation, Visual Bio feed Back Training and Activities in daily life training and also by & also by adding the Physical, Mobility and Locomotive aids to support their physical systems in order to maintain them to be psychologically strong and sound.

Provides a comprehensive system of health care for children through preventive screening, diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation, and follow-up services. We carry out this mission through a variety of programs meeting specific health care needs of targeted and weaker sections of the population. A complete health physical examination will be done for every child incepted into the house along with all needed vaccination and lab tests, dental, vision and hearing screening which helps is ascertaining the growth and development check.

VLCT & RC believes and also strives that Education is very much necessary for these misfortune children who are deprived of, hence education being part of our curriculum in SAMRAKSHANA, we strive to impart basic education for these children which helps them to reduce dependency and relay on maximum individuality.

VLCT & RC has over 25 years of experience in designing and delivering nationally recognized training courses for the disabled children. Our team offers a personalized service starting from an initial skills assessment and program design, through to employment and further development in the workplace. We will take pleasure in seeing progress and develop of each child particularly rehabilitated with us. We tailor programmes to meet the specific development needs thereby creating Flexibility not only in program design but also in delivery and Design a personal plan for every child to achieve the best possible outcome; we have superb facilities, both for training and for social events. We have a host of advisors to support the children at Vocational Services. We have a medical team who run an ‘open surgery’ as well as welfare officers.

Most of the disabled children are found in the slums and weaker sections of the society where they cannot afford to have minimum appliances for their needs VLCT & RC has focused in this area and provided many number of aids and appliances like tricycles, hearing aids, bus passes etc. for the needy and poor by which some 1000’s have been benefited.

We in SAMRAKSHANA not only emphasis on all the above mentioned but also gives importance about children’s mental status. Various kinds of cultural activities are conducted in the house to extract and improve the abilities of each and every child which are hidden in them. To bring out the best out of them and to improve intra mural relationships these kinds of cultural activities help them most.

Apart from cultural activities the house will conduct excursion trips to different parts of the district to enhance the thinking abilities among the children and creating an atmosphere where the child can feel that he is in a family which helps him to do more for the family.