Childhood is the most innocent phase in human life. It is that stage of life when the human foundations are laid for a successful adult life. Many children, instead of spending it in a carefree and fun-loving manner while learning and playing, are scarred and tormented. They hate their childhood and would do anything to get out of the dungeons of being children and controlled and tortured by others. They would love to break-free from this world, but continue to be where they are, not out of choice, but force. This is the true story of child labor. The two primary reasons for the ever-growing social malice of child labor are poverty and lack of education. Considering the two primary reasons VLCR & RC is running many child welfare programmes for the past decade. Of late, the numbers of street children are on increase and it is certainly a threat to the future of the country.


"Childhood is not for streets"

Vaccination is a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease, VLCT & RC was committed to vaccinate the poor children at free of cost on various kinds of serious situations like JE epidemic, and provide free vaccination to other dreadful diseases like Measles, Polio, Hepatitis-B. VLCT & RC believes that Children are the pillars for any nations hence these children should not be deprived of the basic medical facilities. Hence VLCT & RC has conducted many number of Free Vaccinations camps and saved many 1000's of children in and around Nellore District.


"Providing a family of love and dignity"

Base Line survey was conducted by VLCT & RC among the poor and needy and indentified most of the children were suffering from anaemia and malnutrition problems which are an alarming situation to be focused. VLCT & RC has conducted many number of free medicine distribution camps to provide necessary vitamins, and medicines to more than 2 lakhs children who were clinically screened by professionals and provided with appropriate medicines.


"Children also having equal rights along with adults"

Our trust stands first in fighting for the rights of the child labor and rights protection as the chairperson herself being mother can very well understand the situation of children working in various activities in the society. VLCT & RC strives and thrives for the rights and responsibilities of children and voices in the protection of children from child labor. Frequent rallies and awareness programmes were conducted for enhancing the child labor and child rights..


"Providing equal platform to perform"

The trust feel that even the disabled children should have the right to celebrate the "Children's Day" as par with the normal children. So the trust have conducted many programmes for the Special Children and given encouragement to their talents At different points of the time in the year and occasion sports and games are conducted prizes and certificates are awarded to encourage and also to develop competitive spirit among the children. This is a new invention First of its kind to have such a display of disabled to be made able by unperturbed win. This was a stunning experience to the invitee's parents, public and press..


"To bring a smile in the gloomy faces of the misfortuned children"

Nellore being one of the largest coastal belts in India situated very near to the Bay of Bengal always prone to tsunami, other natural calamities. Frequently accidents occur on the NH-5 due to mass rapid transport system.. VLCT & RC is dedicated and committed in providing emergency services in and around Nellore, and to mention we are the first to launch the Mobile ICU in Nellore District running successful from the past 2 decades. Our trust responds quickly and appropriately to various kinds of train accidents and natural calamities to rescue the victims in time and provide free medical services to the affected.


"Health and hygiene to everyone"

VLCT & RC was committed to provide light to the poor and the needy, rate of eye problems are very high in and around Nellore. Main intension of the camps is to diagnose early vision defects. Hence our Trust have conducted so many eye camps and provided free medical services. These camps were mainly targeted on school children and old age people in the rural areas where in some 1000's of children and old age people were benefitted. Vitamin-A drops were given to small children to prevent blindness