VLCT & RC has come up with a unique idea called "AMMA VODI" the main aim of this program is to create awareness among the society that our Trust is here to take care of the unwanted babies, so don't throw away the babies in to the dustbins instead place the babies in the cradles posted at various highly populated areas. We have saved a many new born babies from the infusion of this project. VLCT & RC have looked at temporary solace and wanted to settle her life on permanent basis so our trust has found one of the employee broad minded and conducted marriage to both of them. VLCT & RC has launched a help line number called SNEHITHA (24X7) . Any call by any girl at risk may be attended immediately and instantaneous solutions are provided..


VLCT & RC conducted root level survey in railway stations and other crowded areas to identify such children and bring them into our fold by creating confidence about our intentions and they are supported by providing shelter and necessary counseling programmes and sensitization programmes.VLCT & RC has till date rescued and rehabilitated 103 No's of ORPHANS and children with different problems were adopted and rehabilitated, and reformed them by admitting into school. The main focus was laid on particular area where number of children was in different types of social problems. The teams of VLCT & RC are working 24x7 days and ready to rush to the child in problems. VLCT & RC conducts annual Health Baby Shows for public to inculcate the right spirit of competition among mothers..


Vaccination is a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease, VLCT & RC was committed to vaccinate the poor children at free of cost on various kinds of serious situations like JE epidemic, and provide free vaccination to other dreadful diseases like Measles, Polio, Hepatitis-B. VLCT & RC believes that Children are the pillars for any nations hence these children should not be deprived of the basic medical facilities. Hence VLCT & RC has conducted many number of Free Vaccinations camps and saved many 1000's of children in and around Nellore District. VLCT & RC was committed and provides support in building somewhat hygiene and healthy slums situated around us. FREE MEDICAL Camps were conducted at the slum areas to identify communicable diseases and to diagnose chronic diseases.


VLCT & RC focused on mentally challenged and disabled children, abandoned by parents and relatives, exploited by the society, and who wants to get rid of the mentally retarded children are admitted into home and provide a secured shelter, vocational training and therapeutic services in a happy and family like environment. The counseling support extended at the home plays a crucial role in regaining their mental balance and attitude at maximum individuality. Vasantha Lakshmi Charitable trust & Research Center is a Rich Reservoir in Rehabilitating the Retarding (Mentally, Physically & Psychologically) causalities by the accurate & perfect professionals (Psychiatrist, Physiotherapist, Psychologist, Speech & Audiologist) in order to make them to fetch at least their own life.


Environmental protection is a practice of protecting the natural environment, for the benefit of both the natural environment and humans. Due to the pressures of population and technology, the biophysical environment is being degraded, sometimes permanently. This has been recognized, and Plantation is given priority in Environmental programmes; VLCT & RC has conducted many awareness programs and also joined with the state and central government in various clean and green programmes in and Nellore District. VLCT & RC has conducted various awareness programmes on pollution and its consequences besides the importance of plants in Management of ecological balance. Committees are formed in various localities to plant and safeguard of the plants and trees.


VLC & RC strives for the welfare of the animals. Respect for animal welfare is often based on the belief that nonhuman animals are sentient and that consideration should be given to their well-being or suffering, especially when they are under the care of humans.[4] These concerns can include how animals are slaughtered for food, how they are used in scientific research, how they are kept (as pets, in zoos, farms , circuses, etc.), and how human activities affect the welfare and survival of wild species.VLCT & RC was committed to vaccinate the poor children at free of cost on various kinds of serious situations