"Awareness and Development "

With the progressive change in the socio-economic fabric of the country more and more women are leaving their homes in search of employment in and around Nellore as well as urban and rural industrial clusters. One of the main difficulties faced by such women is lack of safe and conveniently located accommodation VLCT & RC being concerned about the difficulties faced by such working women, introduced FREE working women hostel for providing facilities to working women in Nellore where employment opportunities for women exist..


As we all know that the root cause for many ailments is just nothing but a mosquito bite. In order to protect from these mosquitoes, we often find using many repellents that contain Allethrine etc, which cause harm to the environment. For total eradication of mosquito, the Trust found 'GAMBUSIA' a kind of fish which dilutes the larvae itself. Mosquito Eradication Program is a continuous program the trust started culturing the same in its owned ponds. The trust has done more than 25 camps throughout the Nellore district mainly urban slums. ..


"A sound mind is equal to a sound body"

VLCT & RC running SWADHAR unit for deserted and destitute women conducted Cultural Meets.VLCT & RC organized women's Day Celebrations for the women along with normal people. District Level Cultural competitions among the women's have also been conducted. Prizes & Certificates were distributed as a token of incentive to shoot of their level of Self-confidence. The District and State Officials have taken part in this program and encouraged the Trust activities further ..

Village development Activities

"Village development is countries development"

VLCT & RC was committed to provide light to the poor and the needy, rate of eye problems are very high in and around Nellore. Main intension of the camps is to diagnose early vision defects. Hence our Trust have conducted so many eye camps and provided free medical services. These camps were mainly targeted on school children and old age people in the rural areas where in some 1000's of children and old age people were benefitted. Vitamin-A drops were given to small children to prevent blindness


"Providing equal platform to perform"

The trust feel that even the disabled children should have the right to celebrate the "Children's Day" as par with the normal children. So the trust have conducted many programmes for the Special Children and given encouragement to their talents At different points of the time in the year and occasion sports and games are conducted prizes and certificates are awarded to encourage and also to develop competitive spirit among the children. This is a new invention First of its kind to have such a display of disabled to be made able by unperturbed win. This was a stunning experience to the invitee's parents, public and press..


"Awareness and fight for DRUG free society"

AIDS is the recent addition to the catalog of viral diseases. People all over the world realized the on slot of AIDS / HIV on upswing launched several programmes to prevent the spread of HIV. While becoming a part of such a global project VLCT & RC organized rallies throughout the district to alarm the people against HIV / AIDS The trust has adopted 3 children suffering from AIDS promising to give medical aid throughout their lives. Our Trust educates the sex workers about AIDS and how to prevent it...